BROKEN BEAK?!?! please help!


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
i went out to see my chicks (about 6 weeks old) and i noticed that one had a broken beak it doesnt look dirty or very bloody and its too big but its just hanging off to the side (like a hang nail). its not toooo big but big enough where she cant eat and peck at things this is my first time having chicks and they are barly 6 weeks old and i have no idea what to do. im afraid the others are going to start pecking her and it may get infected or she will not eat and drink and become ill. i tried to feed her a meal worm (she loves them the most) and she was able to eat then gave up and seem sad (to me)

please help me im in still in highschool and not experiecned with chickens or broken beaks and i dont want to be worring about her all day long ill try and post a pic

what do i do to fix it, i know it wil eventually grow back but do i cut the not attached party off? what do i cleanit with?
or do i try and glue it back on?
please help im so nervous


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