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    Sep 2, 2010
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    My 5 month old RIR managed to separate the keratin from the bone on her beak. My amazing vet actually pinned it together and put a collagen dressing on it. Other than looking dorky, she is fine. I have to keep her in the house for 10 days while she is on meds and I know she is super stressed being away from her flock. How should I manage this? Should I bring another one in to keep her company. What happens when she can return to the flock in 10 days? Will she be accepted by them? I'm really stressing about this. Her sisters are starting to lay as well, so I put a nest box in her run here in the house in case she starts too.

    What can I do to lessen the stress on her for the next 10 days and how do I introduce her back to the flock?

    Any advice would be awesome....Thanks!
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    I'd bring a friend or two in to spend the duration of her isolation with. Keep an eye on them for a bit to make sure the friends are not going to attack her and her dressing. It is much easier to introduce multiple birds back into a flock than a singleton. This should also alleviate a lot of her stress. Flock animals do much better with some friends to chat them up while they are recovering.

    Good luck.

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