Broken beak


12 Years
May 23, 2011
Apollo, PA
ok so i was checking on all my birds this morning, had to separate some Tibetans b/c i think it was to many males but w/e. In my main coop, my oldest birds, one of the females has broken her beak, not sure how, seems to have just done it, bottom is fine, top seems to be broken off, not the whole thing, but enough to have it bleeding out, i brought her inside and cleaned it up(she didn't like that, had to have hurt something awful). i don't want to put any blue kote or anything on it as its right on her beak, and could ingest it causing even more problems.

i am guessing this is one of those, don't do anything and keep watch.

and honestly i'm not to worried about it as i have 27 eggs waiting to hatch on the new years hatch along, and if most hatch, then i'll be sending most all my wild colors to camp kenmore.
Is it broke "below" the nostrils? If so it should be ok...there is a term called "debeaking" and in since is kind of done the same way...cut the top portion off to the point where it still can eat...but can not peck.

You said it was an older bird? Tastes good with bacon strips
yea its below the nostril, i think it might of been pecking around the wire, and just got caught, who knows

but yea i got 27 eggs about to hatch, if i get 20+ i'm gonna dispatch all my full grown wild colors, so its kinda w/e
Yeah I have been thinking of culling my older birds, when I got them the man said they were a year old, its only been a month-2 months but I only have 11 adult birds and I have 23 juvenile quail so as soon as they start laying I might be eating some quail lol

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