Broken egg inside & can't get it out--no vet... now what?


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I don't have a vet nearby that deals with chickens much less one open on a Sunday.

Buffy got her head caught in the nest box Friday so I thought that was her problem, but she's still not standing up--just crouching and not really eating or drinking. I separated her yesterday and she hasn't pooped in over 24 hours and her food and water are barely touched. She stays head almost on the floor and back end kinda up.

I took a latex glove and felt in the vent. It feels like what I THINK are tiny broken pieces of the shell. It feels crunchy. She regularly sits in the nest box for extended periods of time, but I thought she was just broody and thought nothing of it on Friday. I should note that I have 8 hens less than 1yo and on Tuesday is the only day I have ever gotten 8 eggs--so I know she laid an egg then.

I've given her a warm bath. When I go to check her vent, it looks like it's pulsing...? Is that the right word?

And if it matters, her comb looks so much less developed than the other hens. Significantly. She was hatched the same day, but she looks at least 2 months behind in that respect. Not sure what matters here.

There's no egg white/yolk on her feathers near the vent but in the warm bath it looks like a tiny bit of that stuff came out (and semi-congealed in the warmth of the water).

So she's been this way since at least Friday. I MIGHT be able to find a vet tomorrow, but the hospitals I called today said they wouldn't know what to do.



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Jan 14, 2008
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I watched one of my girls lay a broken egg a week or so ago she hasn't layed since but seems fine. It all came out at once white, yoke, and broken up shell. best I can say is get an oral suringe and some mineral oil to keep her lubricated and hope she passes them. keep trying find a vet (that knows what their doing and won't just say to put her down) good luck with her. mabey somone her can ive better advise.


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If it is a shell and the egg broke inside then there is a real risk of peritonitis (infection from the egg contents) .... you need a vet for the proper antibiotic and dosage (usually they will choose to give Baytril) but even then ... more than what you are doing now... hmmm you could try giving her a TUM (crush it up and add to a wee bit of oatmeal)... that might help her contractions to get it out...but it will not help any infection...
I am sorry I have no other suggestions :aww

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