Broken eggs... but not eaten


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
Hi from Colorado

I have been searching the forum and I find a lot of helpful info on "egg eaters" but I don't think that is my problem.

I have a new Wyandotte that goes up in the house to lay her eggs but doesn't go to the nesting box. Her eggs have been either broken just slightly or completely cracked, like yesterday. None of the egg appeared to be eaten though. I checked in on her when she was singing and she was stamping all around before she produced her egg and moving all the bedding up there.

Any ideas how I can get her to stop breaking her eggs? I use sawdust in the house for bedding.
Have you tried putting fake eggs, golf balls, etc in the nest boxes. It might help her to start laying in the nests.
If you hear her singing before she lays, can you get to her and move her into the nests. Don't know if it would work, just an idea.

Good luck,
I will try to physically move her today if I catch her.

I do have fake eggs in there but I'm wondering if maybe my nesting boxes are too high. They are about 18 inches up from the floor.

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