Broken jaw at the hinge? Anybody know how to treat it?

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Aug 15, 2019
Lane County Oregon
So I have a Rhode Island Red rooster, and he's a big boy, and a little Silkie rooster that's less than half his size. Red doesn't mess with the silky, he actually tries to just keep his distance. But my little silky rooster always waits for my big rooster to have his back to him and then turbo charges an attack from behind. Well I think he got kicked in the jaw by Red and it broke. His job was coughed off to the side all the way up to hinge but I stretched his mouth out and tried to push it back over which worked, but I felt a little bit of crunchiness when I did it. I'm wondering if I should wrap it and if I do that probably eat or or if I should just leave it be and keep him in a small pet crate so he stays inactive while it heals or something else? Please please if you have any idea of what to do for it let me know. Thank you.

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