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    Apr 29, 2011
    Something got ahold of one of my chickens and broke her femur - she is young, about 3 months old. I don't know how she got away, but we don't have any vets that will treat a chicken. I understand most farmers would just kill her, but she is healthy otherwise, eating and drinking well and doesn't seem to be in alot of pain unless you move her around alot. I washed and sterilized the break - as it had broken the skin then set the bone as best I could, splinted, and taped her leg up into a sort of cast. She seems to be in a lot less distress now that I have done this and has even tentitively tried to put weight through her leg and hobble around her cage (i have her in my bathroom under her heat lamp so the other chickens don't attack her.) I should probably mention that my chickens are pets, not profit and I would be willing to pay for a vet to help her if I could find one that didn't just recommend I kill her. My question is that my husband said that since a birds bones are hollow, it may never heal. Will a broken leg heal in a chicken? Also, is there any humane way to amputate the leg - if need be as a last resort - if the break doesn't heal? How can I put her to sleep for the amount of time I need to operate without hurting her? I should also mention that I am a healthcare professional and have some medical experience as well as a good understanding of anatomy. I would prefer not to do myself but the small animal vets only see dogs and cats and the large animal vets only see large animals. I think it is awful that no one cares about my chickens.
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    I wish I could be more help, it sounds like you did what you could, with disinfecting it, & splinting it. I would probably separate her for a while and put her in a small "hospital" cage to keep her from moving around and hurting herself more, and maybe give an antibiotic since the skin was broken. It might not ever be completely normal, but if she's okay with it and not in pain then it was a success....Although her dancing career may be over.
    There was someone who had amputated a wing off their chicken after an attack that posted on here, I don't know if that would help you though. Hope you get some better advice than I can give, but I'm like you. I couldn't just cull the chicken, I have pets too. Good luck!
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    I think there's a chance it might heal, but I would put her on an antibiotic if she has an open fracture. Something like AmoxyClav, Noroclav or any other Amoxycillin/Clavulanic acid combination. I don't know what you have over there but that's what I'd use here if I could get it.

    I would not consider a home amputation. That's a job for a vet.
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