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    I just thought I should post my experience because it might save a chicken....I know my neighbour just chops injured chickens!
    Anyway, if a chicken breaks a leg it doesn't have to be a death sentence; I had this happen once before, though I didn't take pics or anything, and that hen - Pouliette - went on to make a full recovery and lay for another five years. I could also mention that as a taxidermist I have a bit of experience putting dead things back together and this wasn't really all that different.
    Anyway, when I did chicken check this morning one of my hens was down. I quickly saw that she had an uncomplicated break of the metatarsal (lower leg) but it must of just happened because the other chooks hadn't bothered her (not like last time!)
    I brought her to my shop where I have everything needed for repair. Upside down and covered with a dark towel, I clamped the towel to the bench so she could breathe easily but she was secure and quickly went to sleep. I made sure the leg was straight and splinted with foam-coated wire plant ties (dollar store), measured from the good leg I made a "u" from her knee around the hallux (back toe) and up again. A bit of pipe cleaner secured it, ( a pink one because she is a girl after all). I used a nifty material called Fibre Fix (hardware store) as a cast because it's fast, strong and waterproof. In under ten minutes she was up and wobbling around getting used to her cast and I expect she'll make a good recovery in ten days or so, they heal really fast!
    For today though she's in a box so I can keep an eye on her and getting an ounce of water/vitamin/electrolyte every hour. [​IMG][/IMG]

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