Broken Leg?


Jul 5, 2021
Mount Vernon KY
Hey ya'll,
I hope you don't get tired of me but I am just learning.
My black orpington decided to fly out of the coop instead of walking down the steps, then out. She got impatient with the lower level girls. When She tried to land on the outside step one leg didn't make it. When she tried to walk she just fell over. She finally got up but had a horrible limp. I checked her leg, penned her in a little pen, inside the run. I checked several times. I let her out with the rest of my girls to get some food and treats before bedtime. I came out to put them to roost and like always she was the first at the top for the night. One of my other girls stuck it's head under her and knocked her off the roost... again for another fall. ( I should have kept her up.)
After this I brought her in the house and put her in a cage to take care of her. She is peacefully lying in our little "chicken room". She has no swelling on her foot or leg at all. I have nothing to splint. She will put a little pressure on that leg but with a limp and waddle. If she stand long she will fall.
Does it sound like it is broken? Will it heal without doing anything? Can I give her something for pain, if yes What? How long do I need to keep her up? Avian Vet is over 100 miles away.
My other girls are freaking. We just lost the head girl a little over a month ago, now Patsy (head girl now) has been taken away.
I posted a picture of my pretty girl also.


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Poor girl, can you feel any broken bones?
No, actually I think she just pulled something. I kept her in my little room in the house for about 4 days I think. I kept the door opened to the cage. She didnt get out the 1st couple of days, then on the third, she ventured out into the room. 4th day I kept her in a pen inside the run
Today, I let her go out with the flock. Funny thing, one of my other chickens tried to bulk up on her in the little pen. As soon as she got out, she attacked the one messing with her. Lol. She is the head of the flock and she let the other know, I AM STILL THE HEAD CHICKEN! So, flock is back in Harmon. Thanks for your well given advice!!!! 😘
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