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Apr 15, 2014
Hi all. I am new to this website and but have found reading it very helpful at times. So my emergency. I have a barred rock pullet that has a broken leg. The fracture is right about the joint on the tibia bone which in a human would be the ankle. The part where the feathers start and the scaly foot skin starts. I have another one that was chasing her and I stepped in to intervene and I accidentally stepped on her. IT WAS AWFUL!. Honestly I thought I killed her since it looked like I stepped on her middle area. In the process I twisted my knee and ended up in a brace. My dilemma. She has been to the vet and splinted for about 15 days. But I think the splint should have remained on for at least 4 weeks. Since it has been off she I think has re injured her leg and that is with no activity. I have kept her in a cage where she can only stand to stretch and sit. I can now feel what is a sliver if her bone and that was not there when the splint came off. She is panting all the time and cannot stand on the leg although she tried when she wants her cage cleaned. She hates to sit in any poop.

I am at my wits end and do not want her to suffer. I have spent $700 on 1 emergency visit and two vets. I am tapped out. Can someone out there tell me or give me some hope as to her amount of suffering and if it gets better. Perhaps some of you have had a chicken with a fracture that has a better idea of the time it took for it to finally not be in pain. I am giving her met cam and 3ml of vitamin b and hand feed her everything from mango to meal worms ( I actually dig twice a day for them) and their regular food. She has a healthy appetite still. But I know it hurts her. Please any comments would help. I will include some pics of the x rays. First one is the day of the fracture the 2nd is after almost 2 weeks of a splint. The third id when the splint came off. Her foot is at a 90 degree angle and it might be always at an angle but I am hoping not that bad. Any helpful hits on anything while I nurse her back would be appreciated.

Never had a broken leg before. I'm just posting so it stays at the top of the forum so you can get some help with someone who has experience with it. Best of luck!
Update. Merry is doing much better. Seems like what I felt or thought was bone was actually a scab. A huge one right at the beginning of the fracture. The vet plucked all her feathers in that area to uncover a healing scar. It has been almost a month and now it is time to start physical therapy. I will post that in a new thread in case anyone should ever need help with a broken leg. Thank you. :D

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