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  1. HumbleHen207

    HumbleHen207 Songster

    Apr 16, 2013
    This afternoon I let all my birds out to roam just like I have been doing for several days. All the geese, ducks, and chickens are allowed to intermingle and I have never had any issues in the past. Today however my geese decided to wander into the chicken coop to find food, and targeted an easter egger hen, grabbing a hold of one of her legs, and not letting go. I heard the commotion and found my hen flapping on the ground, stunned and in obvious pain. I picked her up, calmed her down, and set her back on the ground to discover she cannot move her right leg. After examining her I have determined the injury to be high up, right where the leg meets the body. It is just hanging there, she cannot move it, and I fear that the leg feels slightly colder than her working one. I currently have her in a cardboard box, in the dark to keep her motionless and calm. Is it a possible dislocation? Is there any reasonable, relatively simple way I can mend her leg? Seeking veterinary advice is out of the question, avian vets are far and hard to come by here, and the ones who do take chickens rarely do a good job. I understand I may need to put her down, I would just like to avoid doing so as she is one of my better green egg layers.

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