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    Hey guys my asil chick got into a fight in my absence a few weeks ago. he was badly injured at first I could not stop the bleeding but then someone suggested corn starch which stopped the bleeding anyway I noticed that he was missing his lower beak he could not eat so I switched to wheat flour dough now he can only eat soft foods but I am worried because he is not gaining as much as the other chicks.[​IMG] here is another pic [​IMG] as u can see his lower jaw has bent toward the right and it's missing the lower beak also the upper jaw is also bending right. I took it to a vet but he is said he couldn't fix it .one of my friend said that he can fix it by gluing another chicken beak to it .so should I go for it or not also why is his lower jaw and upper beak bent ? any help would be greatly appreciated
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    IMO wheat flour dough does not have enough nutrients to help a growing chick, that may be one reason why he is not gaining. Try using wet chick starter. Put some in a dish, add a little warm water until it is the consistency you want. Also you may want add some vitamins to the drinking water (or use some vitamin water a couple of days to make your "mash").
    As far as a "fix" search here on BYC or youtube, there are many articles on broken beaks, etc., that may give you some ideas.
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    I agree with Wyorp Rock that you should try wet chick feed with 20 % protein. Egg is good as well. Here is a long thread at the bottom about a chicken whose whole beak got bit off by a dog, and she managed to save it by tube feeding and later the chicken learned to eat again. The other two links to read are about repairing a beak:

    Chicken whose beak was chewed off:

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