Broken pin feather on my chicken’s leg?!


Oct 13, 2019
My silkie cross has a broken pin feather that came out after I gently pulled on it. I barely even gripped it while I was trying to see how rooted into her foot it was, and felt really bad when I thought I hurt her. She bled quite a bit from that, and I got a wet paper towel to clean it up a little. Should I just leave it to close up on it’s own, or should I put something on it? I don’t think the other chickens will even see the wound, since it’s pretty obscured by other feathers, and she isn’t social enough with them to be around them all the time. I’m only really worried about it getting infected, and probably her whole foot has to be removed 😨 No thanks!!

The first two pics were of when the feather was in her foot, because I initially was going to ask if I should pull it out, the last one is the paper towel with all that blood on it.


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Just leave it alone. If you want the wound to heal up faster you can put corn starch onto the wound, this will help it scab over.
Thank you 🙏!!! I was really worried about her, since she’s the chick of my beloved late rooster, and I really want her to live a long and happy life :’)

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