broken quail legs


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6 Years
Jan 9, 2014
London City
My brother wanted to feed my quail today. He put the feed in and tried to close the pen door but didn't notice two of the quails legs very sticking out and closed the door breaking two of their legs. One of the quails legs I can fix but the other quail has severe bleeding the the bone is sticking out. Should I put it down??
You dont have to put it down, I had one snap a leg with bleeding and bone out, I Splinted it and bandaged well, couldnt save the leg, but she is a very happy 1 legged quail who gives me an egg a day
:( well I am sorry for your loss! I know how it can be when other people mess with your birds! My mom let out 2 texas blue scaled quail, and they came back, and she scared them off by not catching them properly! Very Frustrating!

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