Broken Toe???????? help!!

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    May 7, 2010
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    So I got home Monday before last after being gone overnight and wouldn't you know it but one of my 5 Wyandotte hens decided to take her revenge by showing off a nice newly acquired limp, I think just to give me the needle for leaving them overnight,lol. I'm a worried she could have a broken toe or something and I'm just not sure what to look for... its been just over a week and she hasn't improved and if anything she seems to be maybe just a tad more sore. She walks around fine but you can see a slight limp if she walks quickly and lately, when she can, she holds her right foot up off the ground. You really notice though if she decides to run/flap her way around, usually to catch up to others if she's drifted too far behind. I've had a look at her and can find nothing wrong with her foot/leg, ie: sores or "bumble foot?", but these are my very first chickens ever, got them May 4th at a day or so old, and would like someone with more experience to point out to me what to look and or feel for. They all are eating and drinking and acting as "plucky" as ever and all have been vaccinated for Mareks if that needs to be considered, just need some advice on what if anything I can do and what to look for. [​IMG] Thanks in advance!!
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