Broken toe remedies?

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    Hi all...
    The problem I have is this, I believe one of my chooks was stepped on by one of my sheeps... This happen approx two weeks ago, and her limping hasn't improved. I now think the poor chook has a suspected broken toe. I have searched around a little and read a few posts that suggest taping the toe with masking tape (indiviually, and not as a whole foot binding type excercise) would be the best bet. I just wanted to ask for any/more advice

    She still manages to eat/drink and lay fine, and does manage to get in and out of the coup well also. I haven't been able to check her 'leavings' as she is on with the others - and they don't bother her at all btw - phew! (which I thought they would!)
    To explain how she walks is this; she moves to step forward and her whole leg is extended outwards she takes an extremely quick step and then stands on her good leg. Its quite bizarre to watch actually, and of course not right! She always keeps the sore one off the ground. She is very ginger with her sore leg and I did actualy notice today her foot was bent under the wrong way for a period. I got the impression she may have lost some feeling there? She exhibits no obvious pain however. I have felt her leg and can feel no breaks along her leg/thigh. The skin isn't discoloured either. I felt her toes and her middle one does feel suspicious... enough for me to think it is broken!

    So would my best option be to tape her middle toe (and perhaps the others also just to be safe) with some masking tape and hope that it heals straight? Or is there another option for her - other than the dinner pot? [​IMG]

    Cheers for any advice/help!
    Roast (aka son of Roast, Nugget)
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    I would hesitate to tape it after 2 weeks- but unless you can take her to a vet, that would seem to be the best alternative.

    Keep an eye on it to make sure the circulation of blood is not inpaired in any way. Good luck, keep us updated.

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