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Mar 27, 2011
I have a 3 month old black australorp with a broken toe & I'm not quite sure what to do. We hadn't noticed it up until this AM when we let them out. She doesn't seem to be distressed, but I'm wondering if it's going to bother her as she gets heavier. It's the first forward pointing toe on her foot. Any advice?
We have a 2 yr old Barred rock that broke her toe last summer. I'm guessing she broke it while jumping the fence into the neighbor's yard, little stinker. It never seemed to bother her, so we let her be. It healed, crooked, all on it's own. I think as long as the skin isn't broken, it should be ok. However, there are many more folks on here with a lot more experience than me. Maybe someone will chime in
I dont know the mechanics of a chickens foot (yet) but it seems to me you should splint it. i would use breath rite nasal strips (cut it to the size you want make 2 of them add a piece of something stiff to the center like skinny strait wire, or thin wood maybe a 1/4 of a popcicle stick) covered with a breathable plastic tape. I would change the bandaging if it gets wet, dirty. I would keep her on pine shavings, and change the shavings twice a day. I wonder if a chicken feels pain from a broken toe
note.. i am new to chickens, but not animals someone with more chicken experience may be able to help out more

Donna in branson
Thanks for your reply. It's not bleeding & the skin doesn't appear to have been broken, but it looks just awful. If my finger or toe were pointing at that angle, I'd probably be on the floor in the fetal position, crying.
I agree, try splinting with some good strong tape of some sort. Watch the toenail for circulation.

I've had a few chickens with toes like this. Trouble is, if it's an old fracture, nothing you will do short of surgery will change it. My big heavy Black Australorp roo was called "crooked toe." Apparently his occurred at hatch and no one noticed it til he was older. I think as he got heavier it did bother him some, as he seemed to favor that foot a little, though it did not slow him down. I currently have a hen with two, one on each foot. They definitely do not disturb her.

Now when I get new chicks I check their toes carefully.
wow is this common for a chicken to break a toe?
do they feel pain? what would you give a chicken for pain? I know if you operate on a chickens crop cutting into 2 layers you just cover their head. from what I saw they dont make a fuss or anything during this operation. i think a toe would hurt more but i really dont know.
you are going to have to straiten it prior to splinting it. I know this may be hard for you sweetie, but a strait toe is better than healing crooked.
I called my husband at work & told him he'll need to pick up something we can use as a splint. Unfortunately, the poor girl is going to have to wait until I have another adult here to help with the splinting --I doubt my ability to hold her, straighten the toe & splint it without causing lots of stress....for both of us.
Something that should be on every new chicken owner's "to have" list is a buddy or spouse - there seem to be SO many things that are either not possible without a second set of hands or are just so much easier that way. Good luck with your chicken's toe. My husband's toe was recently broken by one of our horses - his fault, not hers - but all the doctor could do was tape it to toe next to it which is basically splinting it. At least his wasn't going in the wrong direction - although the doctor did say it was "crunchy".

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