broken toe?

It's probably not broken, some chickens have toes that curl. Something to do with bator I think. My Welsummer has curled toes, she's fine. But I think it's fixiable with 'chicken sandals'. I didn't know about this so I am not sure if it is infact fixable.
Welcome to BYC. Curled toes are very common in chicks, sometimes from heredity, and sometimes from fluctuation in incubator temperatures. Toes can many times be taped and fixed when a chick is a few days old, but it may be too late for your hen. I would give it a try, though, because they sometimes get a little worse as they age. Here is a link to read:
thank you both so much for your replies. i saw some recommendations to make more of a boot for the chicks and then on the link a sandle with pipe cleaners. which one should i choose. i'm leaning more toward the boot since i don't have the vet tape.
I have even used duct tape, but I would try to find the vet wrap which is also sold in WalMart in the bandaid aisle. It's called self adhering bandag tape, but it's the same stuff. Vet wrap can be cut in small strips that fit well, and you can get it off easier.

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