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    Sep 4, 2014
    I have a chicken that has a broken toe. Lilly is my 6 month old EE and loves to be held/coddled. I was watching my brother's grandson yesterday for a few hours and he picked her up when I went into the barn. I heard her squawk and went running around there to see what happened. Apparently, she tried to get away from him and either got her toe hung up or he grabbed her foot. Either way, her middle toe on her right foot is obviously broken. She was just standing there on one foot with the other tucked up under her. I could see that she was favoring it when she tried to walk. I took her to the house and put her in a large dog crate to watch her for a while. After a hour or so, she drank and ate and then laid back down. This morning, she went outside, walked around for a minute (still a slight hobble), pooped, and didn't act like she wanted to be picked back up. But back in the crate she went...til this evening when I get back home. I've read that some people tape broken toes up and others just let them heal up on their own. I need advice on what to do...if anything. Thanks in advance...

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    I would just leave it alone, and she should limit her own activity if it hurts. Broken bones in chickens heal within 2-3 weeks, and her toe may end up being crooked, but it's not a big deal usually.

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