Broken wing

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Apr 27, 2020
I found one of my polish chicks with a broken wing. I can see the bone sticking out. I’m assuming there is nothing to be done to save her.
I just wanted to make sure before we end up killing her.
There are a couple users here that have had great recovery stories of broken wings, but it definitely takes a good bit of work on your part so it is perfectly okay if you decide to cull instead.
It may be possible to amputate the wing. Birds can do fine with one wing.
We had a parakeet that had gotten attacked by an outdoor cat (it was summer and we had no AC so left the main door open one night and she found her way in through the screen door.) I couldn’t figure out what was going on with the bird for a few days. He just sat on the bottom of his cage, not very active, not eating much. Then one day I walked past the cage and he was on the perch, looking fairly perky. His right wing was laying on the cage floor! Lefty the one-winged parakeet got by just fine.

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