Broken wrist advise needed

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Sep 26, 2013
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Hi all, I have a new to me tolbunt rooster (couple weeks) that I just checked on and he seems to have a broken wrist and swollen leg. The wing tip will raise straight up or any way I want to move it. The last couple flight feathers are dragging and the leg on the same side is mildly swollen. I dont have a clue. He is in my best coop w/ seramas and I did that just so he could be top chicken w/ no worries. Only thing I can guess is the place I got him kept him in such a way he couldnt fly up and here he can.
He is a young guy but full grown . I am not sure a wrap would help this break .
I am totally heart broke disgusted. No luck with polish . I didnt treat anything. I sat him back down and walked away.


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Check out this:

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