Brood is getting sick, only 7 out of 12 left.


May 2, 2015
Somewhere off with my birds.
Ok so, we got another brood of chicks at a feed store, I we all named the chicks. Ok so after a couple months, 1 chick passed away randomly. It was fine the day before. Couple weeks later, 2 more pass away randomly, no sign the day before except one of them was a bit more tired looking then usual. Yet again, a couple days later, (Today) 2 more chicks pass away! HALP.
How old are they? How many? How big is the brooder they're in? How warm have you been keeping the brooder? Have you been decreasing the temperature as the chicks have been getting older? And were the chicks that died dark in color? What breed were the chicks that died?

A brooder too small, too hot, some meat breeds grow too fast for their hearts to keep up, all can cause death. Dark colored chicks in an overheated brooder will absorb more heat and die if they can't find cooler space to move to.

Given the small amount of information you've provided, I'm afraid this is the best I can offer.

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