brooder-area needed

i only plan on keeping them in the brooder until 4 weeks. 3 birds seem like way too much space/bird. i read that .5 ft^2/chick is ok.
Up until four weeks old that is good. I got confused - I forgot most people don't keep them in the brooder as long as me. Sorry about that. :) then...around 25.

i guess what i really want to know, what is the earliest i can remove them from the light (and put them in the coop)? typical night here is in the 50's. would they huddle up as a group for warmth? the coop does not have electricty, so a lamp there is not an option. how about a compost pile in the coop, would that generate enough heat?

up til now, i have had a broody hen do this work for me.

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