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    Ok, so I want to try my hand at hatching. I have started on building a "brooder/bator" out of an entertainment center. I have everything done except I need to put the light in it, I already have it wired to a hot water heater thermostat, I just need to put it in. The side with the glass, where you put dvd's is going to be the incubator. The spot for the tv will get a "door" added that will either be plexiglas or hardware cloth on a frame made out of 1x1's

    Heres a few pics

    The only materials I bought: foil insulation $14, hot water heater thermostat $11, and a bottle lamp kit $3

    Here she is... Imagine it with a plywood back, and laying flat

    I recycled the plywood, I had it lying around

    Here it is from the front

    After I lined it with foil insulation

    So what do you guys think? And also, do you know any where that has cheap egg turners? EBay is so expensive after you add shipping, and TSC is around $45. Any feedback is welcomed

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    Quote:you need to post this in the incubating and hatching part of this forum, you will get a lot more replies
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    Try Craigs list under farm and garden. You could get lucky.

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