Brooder box heat source question


9 Years
May 31, 2010
Hillsboro, Oregon
So, I'm thinking of getting hatching eggs and putting a screen over the top of the box to keep the cats and dogs out, but I have some questions about potential heat sources.

Has anybody ever used this product ? If so, would you recommend it? Alternately, what specifically have you used, and how well did it work out for you? (I'm considering using it conjunction with a temperature regulator like this one , as I am away from the house for long periods of time.) Any suggestions? Have you used this kind of thing before?

Thanks in advance! : )

edit: Ah, I just realized that I posted this in the wrong forum. So sorry! I read "hatching eggs" and mis-assumed.
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I have only ever used clip on reading lamps in my brooders. They are fairly cheap at about $15 each- and I can add extra ones if needed. I do keep my brooders inside the house too- so that does keep the little ones warmer to begin with anyway. I am away from home 9 hours a day for work- and have never had one break or fail when in use yet.
I use heat lamp's every now and then, but in one of my brooders I put in a thermostaticly controled water bed heater, it heats from the bottom up and the chicks love it and seem to do very well on it. I found the heater by mistake and thought hey this might work and it has.


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