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    Hi everyone! First time chicken owner here. I am getting 4 baby chicks in a couple weeks and I got this large watermelon box as a brooder box before they are able to go outside. I was wondering if this is too big to put 4 day old baby chicks in? Should I start in a smaller tub and let them grow a little bit before moving to the watermelon box?

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    So long as they can get heat, get away from the heat when hot and food and water I can't see why a smaller box is needed. Some good instructions from Cackle Hatchery.

    One thing that helped getting my second batch of chicks to like to be near me I changed from a top opening brooder to a side opening and only entered the brooder on their level. The little buggers come out of the shell ready to run from any movement from above.

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    Great info from Cackle Hatchery!

    Thanks JT!
  4. I agree, dont come at them from above they will be scared.
    I am using a dog crate, it works out well as a brooder.
    Just got 3 Cream Legbars, so excited!
    cream legbars march 2018 4 weeks 002.jpg
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