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Feb 22, 2018
Bay Area, CA
Hey everyone!

So in a couple weeks I’m getting 4 baby chicks and have been planning my brooder box. I got this old watermellon box that will work great when they start to get bigger before they are able to go outside. However I was wondering if this would be too big to start day old baby chicks in since there is only 4? Should I start them in a large tub that is a smaller space until they get a bit bigger and move them to the box?


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That's good to start them in but it won't be big enough after a few weeks. They do grow fast, hope you have your coop/run started. What breeds are you getting? Where are you located, asking to know the weather/climate conditions.
I’m gettjng an Orpington, easer egger, Cochin, and Brahma. I’m in the Bay Area in California so weather will be good by the time they need to go outside and my coop will be ready by the time they’re 2 weeks old so that won’t be an issue either. I just didn’t know if the box was too big for day old chicks and if I should start them in something smaller.
I see you've got a heat lamp, you need to be very careful using it with the cardboard box. Have you read the thread on MHP by Blooie? It's very interesting, once I tried it never went back to a heat lamp. Chicks are calm and quiet, adjust so much better between day & night.

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