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    I have 3 chicks in the brooder box. The brooder box is contained of half pine wood and a pee pad on the other side and then a pee pad on top of the wood. under the plastic cage is a heating pad. it's on high but don't radiate any heat a lot. the temp is at 85 %. i have 60 watt light bulb in it so i should be good. i have the lid on half the cage so there is still air flow.

    there is also green poo.
    is green poo good?

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    For the first week of life, chicks need a temp from 95 to 98 degrees.

    2nd week. 90 degrees

    3rd week, 85 degrees

    4th week, 80 degrees...

    By the end of the fourth week they are usually feather out enough, they'll be OK.

    Green poop is common in newly hatched chicks.

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