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Jul 21, 2009
Western North Carolina
60 freedom rangers arriving tomorrow. Have raised several chicks before but not that many at once. Have an 4x8 brooder. Here is my question, Can I place a wool army blanket on top of the wood chips for the first several days. I know that slick surfces are a no no. Blanket seems rough enough to me. Used paper towels before but brooder wasn't this big. Paper towels seem like a waste and time consuming.
ive slept under those before it will work fine but I know that you can use towels.
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I have a brooder about the same size. The bottom is 1/4 inch hardware cloth. I just put hamster litter on the surface of the wire. This is the third batch of chicks in the past year. Has worked well for all of them. Haven't lost any chicks. Feet are fine. Good luck with your little ones.

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