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May 19, 2017
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im getting 25 broilers what do you think i can put them in until they go outside
Appliance store. I used a hot water heater box for the first couple of weeks, then moved them out to the 5'x5' chicken tractor on grass. Used the 4'x8' puppy brooder box in the garage for some of the cool weather once.

I plan to use the 2'x8' quail coop for this year until 4 weeks. Waiting for warmer weather.


Jan 4, 2020
N.E. Ohio
Hi and welcome gcarter93,
Depending where you live at least four weeks in a brooder. If you have not raised Cornish x in the past I can tell you they grow so much faster then standard chicks. Two ounce chick to seven pound bird in eight weeks.

For me that would be at least a 7'x7' (49 sq ft) area by week three. And you will probably need to clean out daily at that density.
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