Brooder Hen or Incubator????


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Mesa, Az
Which one is the best as in production of quantity and quality of chicks? I have heard it said several ways and I am not sure if I want to spend a lot of money on building an incubator

Any Ideas
I don't know the answer to the quaantity vs quality answer but my hen is a lot cuter with the chicks & I think she was young & yet still more reliable... I've got 6 chicks in the kitchen that are 2 wks. old & i could probably let them go out for a few hours every day now except I wouldn't put them out on rainy days etc. But I feel a little sorry for them because the hen has had her chicks out since they were just a day & 1/2 old & when they need warmth or protection she's just there like a portable brooder.... Because it was her first time (& mine) I only put her on 3 or 4 eggs & now she's got 3 chicks (the last one she'd left & I put under another hen that's broody) anyway if I'd had know she was as good at this as she is I would have given her more...
I am hoping to have broodies next year. I have one right now who I hope will hatch out my Serama babies.

A good broody who sits on her eggs and stays there will always have her humdity right and her temperature right.

She is worth her weight in eggs.


Think of how much cheaper it is for starters.

And it was said in one of the incubator threads, its natural for them to hatch into a dark warm safe place under mummy hen, not into a big bright incubator with wire under their feet.

What would you rather, to be raised with your parents, or the be stuck in a both where you had warmth and shelter but no mother. Think Maslow's self-affirmation triangle.

That being said though, Mama hen can only do so much, shes not a machine, and most importantly, she isn't going to let you anywhere near her babies unless she wants you there. Bonding could be ... problematic.

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