Brooder Ideas?!?!?!?!?!?!


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
New Jersey
Is this a good brooder?

A large plastic storage container
Paper towles linging the bottom
A red light bulb (what should the watt be)
And a roost that is 1 in diameter

What should I improve? I dont have the chicks yet and I wont get them until late march because i want them to hatch on like 3 days before easter!! I would like to set up the brooder soon so this way i can make it PERFECT for my babies!!! They will be silkies. If you have info on them please share!!!! (not the common facts but like do they really want to cuddle and things only silkie owneers have experienced!) I am not a newbie but i would still like to know how i can improve my skills at handling chicks!!!! Thxx

Sounds good to me!
The brooder post ( has lots of photos of your exact set up.
You won't need too hot of a lamp since the area is so enclosed.
Just start checking the temperature now throughout the day to see what lamp position works best for your situation.

I would make sure that the food/water are slightly raised but within reach of the chicks if/when you use pine shavings. Mine would kick shavings into the water and foul it. Otherwise, sounds great to me.

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