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    Dec 14, 2014
    I'm wondering does anybody have any brooder ideas for 15-20 chicks that would last them until they're at least 3 weeks old and would be pernament.I've made them before using cardboard but never lasted after one batch and they were very hard to clean.

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    You can make a smaller version of the Ohio Brooder.

    I made 2 of them. As the chicks grow, put the legs on bricks. Keep adding bricks till they don't need the brooder. Usually that's 2 standard 2 1/2" thick bricks unless it's bitterly cold then they might need a third brick under each leg.
    The shavings on top are important to hold the heat in.

    One of mine only has one lamp, the larger one has 2 lamps like the original. I like 2 lamps in case one goes out but in a smaller brooder, lower wattages would be necessary.
    I prefer ceramic heat emitters so I can provide a dark period at night but you have to feel under the brooder to make sure they're still on since they don't put out light.



    If it isn't that cold out, I just hand a heat emitter in the coop and give them lots of cool space.

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