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    Hi all,
    I am designing my coop. I love the poop drawer idea and am wondering if I should put a brooder box underneath? I don't plan on hatching my own eggs, but am wondering if newborns, or nearly newborns, can be raised in the coop? I'm in seacoast NH so it's still chilly in the spring. We are insulating our coop but not heating it. Unless we heat the brooder box only, and if so, with solar fixture, probably.

    I'm torn between having the chix in our basement so the kids can easily socialize them, or whether they should just move out in the coop ASAP so it's less messy. Any thoughts? Is there another reason for having a separate area in the coop that I'm not thinking of? Integrating new, younger chix maybe? This is my first flock, so I can't see ahead to know what Good things I should have as part of the coop.

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    As general rule I rear confined chicks, even when hen-reared, Away from confined flock. Adults will carry a range of parasites that do not cause real harm to adults but would setup so chicks would get an exposure that is more intense than their immune systems can effectively deal with.

    Additionally adults will sometimes harm chicks despite hen's best efforts to prevent when confined.

    You willl most likely observe higher survival and growth rates if separated.
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    Thanks, centrarchid. Now, is it OK to have them out there in chillier spring NH temps?

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