Brooder lamp or no?


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Mar 3, 2016
Just got two week old chicks. They will be garage kept til old enough to join my flock. We live in Louisiana and in the garage it stays about 88-90 degrees through the day. Will they need a brooder lamp or will that be good for them? Do I need to bring it out at night? It was a whole lot cooler when I got my first chicks!
If possible, I'd find a way to have them outside with some shade. Our garage is stifling during the heat of the day. At least if they are outside, they can get some breezes and move from sun to shade as they want.

But no, you won't need a lamp.
What are your temps at night? At 2 weeks, they will likely be fine with anything around 75ish warmer.
Will be leaving the garage door open during the day for be most part, but I don't have a covered spot outside of the garage that is secure enough I don't think. Night temps no lower than 75 I think, it's so warm here! So far they have seemed okay out there but I will definitely alter if it seems they are uncomfortable! Thank you!!!

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