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    For food, I bought Dumer 20% Chick starter/feeder, can I or should I moisten the dry crumble that I bought for the ducklings? I thought you just give it straight out hard as it comes, but I read in the a previous post to moisten them the 1st 3 days?. I'm setting up my brooder now, I've been getting sung to by the baby! Now their sleeping/heating area, I saw one poster had a box, with a hole cut out at the top so the light shines through keeping the heat in, can I have a box, but with the top open with the light on them with a exit? Or should it be enclosed like the previous poster has for her ducklings? They will have the side of the box walls, and the door way if you will to come/go, but the top will be full exposed to the air. What other things or healthy foods should I add?
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    Don't bother with chick starter. They are higher in protein and usually contain medications that can be toxic to ducklings. I use unmedicated grower/developer crumbles at 17%. You don't want them to grow to fast or you risk angel wing and leg problems. So keep the protein low. I know some sites tell you x% for the first 2 weeks and x% and so on. That is just confusing and there is no need for it.

    You do mix on the dry crumbles with their vitamin water in the first 3 days and then you can serve it straight up. They will mix it with their drinking water anyway.

    Here are my brooder pics:
    I only use pee wee pads and old bathroom towels. As you can see only the sleeping area has the heat lamp. No need to heat it up all. Plus that way you can see if they avoid the lamp and need less heat. Dog crate doors are on top to keep the cat out.
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    That is the only thing TSC has for starter is at 20%, I'll look at another farm store close to my moms since i have to go there. The only other duck food I have is the adult kind for egg layers at 16%
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    I use the adult food for all. Forgot to mention I throw it into the blender for the first week to break up. I usually crush up a lot and store it in a plastic container next to the brooder.

    I never buy layer feed, because it is bad for the drakes. It causes kidney problems for them. I only give grower/developer crumbles and offer oyster shell on the side. The drake will not eat the oyster shell. The only difference between layer and regular is the addition of oyster shell.

    I buy Nutrena Naturewise Poulty Grower Developer Complete Crumble. That is the only brand they have here. Non of the poultry feeds have enough niacin, and that is where the vitamin water comes into play.
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    Well I'm seeing another egg, #18 looking like something might be working into a external pip, I see a thinned out area on it, and #14 I'm beginning to see something as well, and it's starting to tremor a bit. So, we knows! I'm being very, very good! 98.5 temp, 80% humidity, pretty consistant. I'll take a picture of my brooder when I get home later, got to go pick up my boys from school. Trying so hard not to get excited because I know things can go wrong! But it's encouraging seeing the wiggling and hearing the peeping so far this afternoon.

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