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Feb 6, 2010
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Thanks for your patience. Another ? from a newbie. How long do i need to heat the brooder? Right now at newborn I've got 100' and they are happily running around. i read on another post that by 3 weeks they don't need heat. So is that about right, and do you decrease by say 10 ' per week until they are at room temp (our house is 70 during the day, but cooler at night) then it should be fairly warm by the time they are due to go outside?

Just wondering for coming weeks, and can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
I'm not a pro, but I turn the heat down gradually. I can always tell by the way the chicks act if they are ok. If they are huddling around the heat, turn it up, if they are wandering happily, turn it down a little. If they huddle and scream, turn the heat up. Just pay attention to what they tell you and you'll be fine!
The general rule is 90 to 95 degrees the first week and decrease by 5 degrees a week. These are general guidelines. Nancy's advice is sound. I did not use my thermometer after the first day. I let the chicks tell me what they wanted and they lived and did well.
Assuming these are coturnix... at 3 weeks they're not fully feathered, but probably do not need heat indoors at 60-70°F. I use a plastic tote, with a 100w bulb clamped to the side. If they start making a ring around the outer limits of the light, then it's too hot and I raise it up. If they're piling directly under the lamp, then I lower it. Watch them, like the others said... they will tell you if they're too hot/cold.
Thanks everyone. Yes they are coturnix, in a plastic tote, with wire top and right now are mostly sleeping under the lamp, but are happy to run around all over when active. Food and water is in the middle, with lamp over one side. Only have four in there so far, so they are looking kind of lost, but I'm sure as they get bigger it'll seem small.

They are just so darn cute, even DH is smitten.

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