broodiness question.

My Old English Game bantams are great with setting - almost too good. You may mean the large Modern Games though. I have no experience with them, but I have heard they will set.
Good luck!
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im not exactly sure of what kind of game they are. it was a last minute kind of hey im in town and have a great deal on some gamesso i bought them, they are small though and give me medium size eggs
My youngest pullet - she's only 6 months old and just started laying a month ago - has suddenly gone broody and is setting on eggs of her own as well as eggs from my other three hens. I think she's a game hen mixed breed - I got her as a chick and have no idea what her parents were. But she's pretty small and lays small-medium sized white eggs. She is setting the eggs in a cat carrier, and I have stopped trying to see how many eggs are under her - she's gotten vicious! And the sounds she makes when disturbed - she sounds like a velociraptor!

I think 6 months is pretty early to go broody, am I right?

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