Brooding a Duckling?


14 Years
Apr 18, 2008
I've been so caught up in hatching my one poor little duck that I guess I have neglected to think that they may require different brooding practices than chicks.

So... do you brood ducks the same as chicks or... ??
I don't have any personal experience, but I googled it for you and the site I found said they are basically the same.
Yep its the same as far as i can tell. I've raised over 20 ducklings and i treated them just like the chicks except they had to get a different water bowl.
thanks for the info.

I just wondered because someone I know bought some Mallard Ducklings at the sale barn on Memorial Day and they were maybe a week old and they raised them without a heat lamp... They are all doing good.

I didn't know if the ducks didn't recquire the heat lamp as long or not.

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