Brooding a single, lonely chick. Advice?


8 Years
May 28, 2011
Foothills of NC
This little one was a late hatch from a brood of 7. His brood mates were picked up by their owners at 2 days old. This one had barely begun to hatch by then. He had a hard, assisted hatch. The inner membrane was sticky and had dried over his face, back and wing. After dropper feeding vitamin water and a warm bath accompanied by gentle toothbrush removal of cemented membrane leftovers, he's doing much better. He's fluffed up and walking around. I've seen him eat and drink on his own. Now, he's realized he has no friends. I gave him a stuffed critter and a small mirror which seem to have helped a lot, but any advice is much appreciated. His name is Stinky-Pete.
I have one of those, two weeks old today. His best friend is a fish. Good news for him though, I have one hatched, and one zipping to be part of his flock!
It has been difficult to hear him crying. I let him snuggle in my lap with a feather duster for 20 minutes at a time now and then, and then back to the incubator (brooder) for better warmth.

I was so worried because he hadn't pooped yet. Then just as fast as I could be worried, he pooped. Can't remember a time I've been so glad to see poop. I removed his fuzzy friend so he could concentrate on other things, like eating and drinking, instead of cuddling under the hot light. I think everything's gonna be o-kay.
see if you can get another chick from someone nearby. You could end up being his/her best buddy if you cant find another chick. If need be wait till the little one gets 1 week older and
hopefully your local feed store will have chicks in and you can match the little one with a chick close in size .
I had a single hatch in October under a broody so I'm not much help sounds like you're doing all you can for him.
With puppies or kittens they always say to put a ticking clock in to simulate a heartbeat. With my baby rabbits I put a hot water bottle with towels around it to feel like there is a warm fuzzy beside them. Just ideas, I'm not sure if chicks would respond to that too. My peeps seemed bored in their brooder, they are outgrowing it quickly, but it's too cold for them to go out and I got them some dangling bird toys with bells and strings and they love them, keeps them busy.
That little guy is adorable!
Thanks as well! We had a singleton hatch (started with 3 eggs...and ended up with 1). Mama's still on 3 eggs, so wanted her to stay focused on the eggs. He's inside in the brooder and doing ok. I can tell he's sad though. I gave him a mirror and he is next to it all the time when he's sleeping. He's so sweet. I'm hoping the mama will take him back when the other babies hatch. We still have about 10 days. I've been trying to let them visit everyday and at first she seemed into it, but she has pecked him and for no real good reason so I think she's over the mama thing. He cries for his humans and seems really bonded with us so that is cool....especially since his dad is a mean ol' thing. :)

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