Brooding chicks for the first few days on chick starter as bedding??

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  1. In my Chicken Health for Dummies book, is said that, to prevent starve-out, you can have chick starter as bedding so that if they don't learn to eat at first, whenever they peck, they get food. Is that safe and healthy?
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    Nov 16, 2012 doesn't sound like a terrible idea...just terribly expensive. I think it is easier to just put some paper towels on top of the bedding for a few days, and then show each chick the food and where it is...I mean if you follow that idea, then they couldn't drink without swimming...and when will they learn to use a food dish? It could easily be the greatest thing ever. I just don't want the chickens to poo on their food if I can help it...every little bit counts. So I use sand, or shavings. As soon as they are a little larger then I use straw.
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    I put paper towels down and throw some food on them like missnu said. I only do it until they learn what their food is.
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    Use a smal 3.5 gallon bucket lid to get them scratching...also if you cluck while you lift and drop food they will instinctively investigate what you have. Honestly they are precocious and will thrive with a little space. Water, food & warmth...

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