Brooding ducklings and chicks together?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by KuroKitsune, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Mar 26, 2013
    in march or possibly april i'm going to have three ducklings and 12 white leghorns delivered and was wondering if they can be in the same brooder? the leghorns wont be staying they'll leave when their 2 or 3 months old as i'm just getting and raising them a bit for someone and once their the age need to go they'll be gone.

    i've read that i should put niacin into their water and i was wondering if that'd hurt the chicks at all and if it would if i need to get/brood them seperately
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    My advice is DON'T DO IT!!!

    Ducklings are incredibly messy. They get water all over the place, their bedding is constantly wet. This is okay for the ducks but bad for chicks. Everything in the brooder is splashed with water.

    I'd also say don't brood ducklings in the house. If you do, make sure the brooder walls are twice as high as you think you need. You'll be amazed how high they can splash water and get all over your walls. Plus, the smell of wet feed is nasty.
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    You can do it if you have a proper waterer, otherwise the ducklings will splash everywhere. (We make a drinker cup that doesn't allow splashing) I raise chicks with ducklings with no wet bedding issues. Another thing to think about in addition to the water, though. Ducklings get heavy FAST. Past a few weeks old you run the risk of your ducks smothering your chicks to death when they sleep. If you can raise them separately it might be easier for you long term.

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