Brooding ducks in December

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by PDurkin, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Howdy everybody,
    Well my worst nightmare happened last night, when i went outside to put my flock of 9 adult ducks to bed they were nowhere to be found. I live in a rural version of suburbia, properties are generally 1.5 acres and very little traffic. I allowed my flock to free ranger which they have been doing for about a year without an issue, well I walked the neighborhood last night with a bag of corn and quacking in an attempt to attract my luck. So they best I could do was turn on the flood lights scattered around the property and leave the coop open hoping they return. This morning 5 of my 9 babies were home and now that its about to get dark again I have given up hope on the others.

    SO this brings me to my question:

    Would it be a very bad idea to order ducklings now and brood them. I generally brood in my garage during the spring/summer months with only a heat lamp, since these birds would likely not get here till about December I would assume I will need to move a space heater in here. Anyways do you think this is a bad idea, I mean I am not 100% motivated yet since I traditionally like to work with my birds in Summer but I guess I will have to settle for this. Baby ducks + the holiday season = craziness. Not to mention I am running for state senate and will be caught up in a ferocious primary race come May.

    Oh well what do yall think/ suggests? Should I do this or should I wait it out till April (very depressing thought.)

    Ugh I hate losing animals [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance
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    My thought is that if something is eating your ducks, it is a waste of money to buy more ducks before you have secure housing for them.
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    May 2, 2011
    i agree with blues, put up a fence. even 2 ft high chicken wire would keep them in. also keep a steady supply of corn in the area. they wont try to leave a good food source. ducks would be ok to brood now too. by 6-8 weeks they will be fine out in the cold. fully feathered and almost full grown. also ducks typically stay in their flock, hate to say it but those 4 are gone unless they are a breed that goes broody. they could have slipped away and started a clutch to sit on. doubt it though. good luck!
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    I Couldn't even think about getting more if my others were all still Unaccounted for... IMO.. I agree, you should first have a well fenced/safe area for your ducks before adding more. }}}Not 100% motivated yet.~Baby ducks/holiday season= craziness ~Running for state senate~~ ((((I Think You Know The Answer To Your Question)))) Good luck, ~Julie

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