Brooding hen in a community nest

OB OBrien

5 Years
Jan 5, 2015
Near Pensacola, Fl
I have Brooding hen in a community nest. She is setting there and I have not seen her even get off the nest to eat and poop.
The nest she is in is a community nest with a sloping bottom to collect eggs. She has managed to create a nest there and the eggs won't roll out now. My wife says just let her sit on the eggs and hatch em. OK But the nest is a foot off the floor of the coop and that floor is two feet off the ground. I'm thinking that if she hatches some chicks they won't be able to get back under her.

I am thinking of making a nest for her out of a 5 gallon bucket. Gathering some eggs from under her and placing her and the eggs in a separate enclosure with food and water.

Do you think she will accept the new nest and go back to brooding?

Would appreciate your advice.
Thanks OB
Personally, I'd let her hatch where she is and then move her. My broody hatches 5ft above ground, on a shelf (in a plastic basin). I just move her and the chicks to the coop floor, once the viable eggs have hatched.

I should add that it would be a good idea to mark the eggs she is sitting on.
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