Brooding in Summer Heat (too hot)?


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Aug 6, 2016
I have several chicks that arrived a week ago. It has been very hot where we are. I am keeping them in a garage. Maintaining the 95 degrees has been no problem / no heat lamps needed. I am aware I am supposed to lower the temperature for the chicks as the weeks progress but I am not sure I can do that with this hot weather which is forecasted to continue a few more weeks. What is the best practice regarding the temperature when brooding in the heat of summer please? What if I do not lower the temperature 5 degrees each week?
Thank you.
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That's an interesting question I haven't seen asked or discussed.

But IMO the heat lamp and reducing the temp "rule" was intended for brooding in the early spring when most are dealing with cold temps and keeping those babies warm, stepping down the temps to acclimate for a move to the outdoors with cooler temps there.

How are they acting? Normal activity, eating, drinking, moving around - no panting or wing spread? If so, I would add fans and keep their water cool. Consider adding chick electrolytes to their water? If they are stressed, consider moving the brooder indoors?

Hope someone with experience with outdoor brooding will offer their advice and experience -
Agreed. Mama doesn't lower her temps as the week's go by, they just spend more time out from under her; and if the temps outside are 100° well then that's the coolest they'll get from day one.

Moving them to a coop with run with give them more opportunities to regulate their temps than a box in the garage. Shade, sun, moving air, still air... They can pick what suits them and start being chickens.

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