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    Oct 19, 2009
    When I first had chickens about 8 years ago (they became victims before I insisted on a Fort Knox coop) I just left the eggs in the nest rather than collecting them and the hen sat on them and hatched 'em. Is this the right approach? Was I just lucky that time? If I have more than one hen using the nest, will they fight over who gets to brood? Is there a right and wrong time of the year for this? I am in N. Fl,
    have 2 americanas, 1 rir, and 1 buff minorcan. My rooster is a young (probably) american game mix. Thanks for being patient with so many questions! I love my chickens [​IMG] WANT MORE! (hubby is scared lol)
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    Dec 10, 2007
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    I wouldn't worry about the weather in Florida. I have new chicks outside with their mommas here, and it's been COLD!

    But as far as leaving the eggs in the nest and hoping someone will sit on them, well, that may or may not happen. Have any of your hens ever been broody before? Not every hen will sit on eggs and raise babies. Most hens have had that trait bred out of them these days. (Except at my house, where there is clearly something in the water that makes all hens want to brood!)

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