Broody adopting chicks?


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Jul 11, 2016
Hello all, I've been a long time lurker on this website and finally have a question to ask. I have a small flock consisting of now two silkie roosters(I had three but lost one recently. Be warned:raccoons are VERY intelligent and CAN open simple latches.) and two Japanese bantam hens. The rooster:hen ratio isn't what most would recommend by any means, but it works somehow and I haven't had to get rid of any roos. Anyway, one of my hens went broody a couple weeks ago and is sitting on a clutch of five eggs. They're due to hatch on the 18th, which is also the day I'm driving back home from a family trip. I'll be passing Cackle Hatchery on the way home and would love to pick up a couple sebright chicks. Should I be able to sneak the chicks under the hen the night after her real chicks hatch and let her raise them, or should I just stick to the good ol' brooder? Thanks in advance!
Your hen should be able to adopt them. I have put day old chicks under a broody hen, when another hen hatched them. I have moved them at night when they will stay under the hen. Sometimes the hen will stay on the eggs until they hatch or for a couple of days after they hatched and the chicks start to go out of the nest to feed.

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