Broody... again!


5 Years
Jul 12, 2014
One of my hens is broody again. She does this two or three times a year and usually I can get her to stop. This time, she waited until I went on vacation, hid under a bush, and layed six eggs and was sitting on them for several days before I got home and found her. I keep thinking I should just take the eggs, but I love the little ones and she's just psychotic when I get near her. In her favor is that she's an incredible mom! She's hatched twice before.
So, the problem... or questions...

When you all hatch, what do you do with the baby roos? I have two roosters and promised my husband no more. The only reason we have two is because little Frankie looked like a girl and didn't crow until close 5 months and by then we were attached. I've been incredibly lucky by only hatching two roos in my three hatches.

Another problem is that she's buried under the shrubs close to a sprinkler head so she's getting watered every other day for 15 minuted. Do you think this will affect the hatch rate?
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