Broody Bantam Sitting on 3 eggs


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Apr 1, 2009
Colbert, GA
I think I posted under the wrong section....

I got some eggs I was waiting for 7 months to get. I wanted the weather to be better. So I got the eggs the same time one of my Silkie/D'uccle crosses (Salt) went broody. I made a broody pen (had experience from this last time she and her sister went broody and would nest hop) and put three of my incubator eggs in there. I was going to move her and see if she would accept the new nest. She did and I was surprised how easy it was. So I have left her there and now we're on day 18 (lockdown). She could have easily covered 2 more for a total of 5. So my question is this, how many chicks could she handle if I can get her to adopt the incubator chicks? It would be nice to only house raise a few, I was hoping her sister would go broody again too and give her some, but no. Any advice accepted. TIA Melissa
I'm so glad I found your post! I also have a broody silky, and on Friday I'm sneaking 6 babies under her. Right now she's on 6 non-fertile eggs, and sitting away.

A few weeks back I posted a few questions about raising baby chicks with a broody hen, and got some great responses. The agreement seemed to be around 6, and my girl is keeping 6 eggs nice and toasty! Now I want to know how you set up your broody pen!!??
It is 4' x 2' with a 1 x 2 nesting area. The roof lifts of the nest area and there is an access door for the other side. I had quail in there but decided to keep them inside. It is raised 3' off the ground. I also have another "box" which is 4' x 2', but it has no floor and is sitting in the coop. I can take pictures tonight if you are a visual person. There is a thread on here that Speckledhen did on her broody box, I just can't find it. I did mine sort of like hers, but bigger.

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