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    I have a Dominique who refuses to leave the nest box. She laid an egg this afternoon,we took it, and she continues to lay there, and yells at the other hens when they approach the nest box. She I leave her alone, or put her on the roost and see what she does in the morning. Is this hen going broody, she was born in May.?
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    It's very possible that she's broody. My Dominiques are chronicly broody. And they do continue to lay eggs for the first couple of days that they are on the nest.

    As for what you should do, that depends on whether you want her to hatch eggs right now or not. I'm not sure where you are and how cold it is. Here in VA, we're having ridiculously cold weather, and I wouldn't consider letting a hen brood right now. But that's just me. [​IMG]

    Taking a hen off the nest and putting her on the roost at night is a good idea if you want to break her of her broodiness. It just might work if she isn't too determined. One night probably won't do the trick, though. You have to keep at it. Keep throwing her off the nest. Close the nest up so she can't get in there. You may even have have to cage her for a few days. With food and water, but no bedding materials whatsoever.

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